by Matthew T. Murray in

I never thought I'd be cheering for sensible shoes. 100-inch Loboutins that put your life in jeopardy are the ones I will always tell you to wear. But this time around, I've fallen head over heels (sorry but it was my civic duty to go for that pun - it was right there tempting me like Krispy Kremes!) for a comfortable block-heel style.

These shoes also may or may not have studied at Hogwarts with Harry Potter: they magically help you with balance so you don't look like that famous hippo in Fantasia, even though that hippo is and forever will be my spirit animal after a night of binge drinking Jim Beam and making my way home. Anyways, back to my point - It's time to stop jitter-bugging around the West Village pavement in sky-high stilettos. Check out the slideshow for 30 dope styles to test-drive this winter. WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA, LADIES!