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Funky Footwork

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It happens ever so often when you fall so hard in love that your stomach may fall out of your butt. So, in honor of that beautiful visual and romantic sentiment, I bring you Sophia Webster shoes that did just this to my stomach / butt forty times.

After laying love-struck eyes upon these maribou-trimmed patent-leather sandals and fantasizing about a life where money grows on trees, I thought to break away from my usual tradition of showing you outfits you should be wearing to showcasing the shoes you should be shopping. Sophia Webster's stand-out shoe is an investment of the lifetime. As the newly-minted queen of zany shoez, Webster has me lolly-gagging like a wine-drunk rugrat.Favored by daring darlings Rihanna and Rita Ora and hot on the literal heels of a cool collab with J. Crew, her designs scream with style that is wildly eccentric but undeniably optimistic! You can't help but smile at them.

But alas, when dealing in this realm of raving and ranting sartorialism, the question arises: what does one wear said shoe with? Well, for starters: you could take it to the extreme and rock quirky menswear like this nifty number. Or perhaps a wee bit more toned-down so as to let the shoes do the talking and wear something more along the lines of this. Either direction you decide to go, make sure to smile. When wearing shoes that embody the singular sensation of a racoon having sex with Ziggy Stardust, a smile is required.

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Equals Chic

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Fashion, like all great endeavors in the great history of greatness, often broils down to a set of equations. This top + these jeans + that bag = a look but that top + these jeans + this bag = a GREAT look. Especially on a Monday morning when you feel as if you will need seventy shots of espresso to get through the day without bitching at your poor doe-eyed intern for no apparent reason again, you need that equation. And this my fabulous readers (thank you again for checking The Outfix - I'm indebted to you for reading and excited to keep giving you fresh content to feast upon!) is the equation for that polished chic look that seems unachievable after one-too-many margs over the weekend.

The top and skirt have such a high-gloss, expensive look that is guaranteed to up the ante of any accessory and shoe choice you pair it with. You can wear it together or as delightful seperates (the top with some boyfriend jeans, the skirt with a navy merino wool sweater).

This look has that equation - this shirt + this skirt + these perfect ankle-strap shoes equals chic. And when you equal chic, you're life ain't bleak (ok, no more rhyming, sorry about that...).

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Top by Reiss, $150  /  Skirt by Reiss, $170  /  Shoes by Club Monaco, $279

Feather and Fringe

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Street style. Two little words, one large impact. Like-minded fashion girls nationwide look to the never-ending slideshows of fashion's finest during Fashion Month (Hanneli! Anna! Miroslava! Random chick with the Chanel bag that has haunted precisely seventeen dreams of mine!) to inform the way they dress. I comb through these slideshows like a salivating puppy - more appropriately, let's go with a starved and ravenous eagle - but each click brings about a mixed Dior bag of emotions: a little inspiration, a lot of envy, some confusion (how the f*&# did the street style gods deem basic jeans and a t-shirt worthy of a snap!?), and a smile here and there that I give permission to surface on the corners of my mouth. More than anything else, street style thrills me and makes me want to spruce things up in my own wardrobe and share just how you can too.

This Outfix above screams 'Phil Oh, please photograph me or I will die an untimely death sans make-up!'. And lookie, lookie, Phil Oh already did a whole thing on the street style set rocking suede fringe so you're a shoe-in for a well-deserved snap. But damn, pair the fringe with feathers and gurl, you just won Fashion Week! The feathery top, too, is by none other than newly-minted street style necessary-designer Marques'Almeida - who has gotten the best buzz this week from both my spirit animal Leandra Medine of Man Repeller and the Greek gods of fashion - the writers of To give the dripping tassels of fringe and the fluffity fluffiness of feathers a bit of a necessary tone-down, pair with light-wash denim and a peachy-pink bag( I am kind of am obsessed with it and featured here by the way!).

Shop this Outfix below:

Top by Marques'Almeida, $579  /  Jeans by Zara, $80  /  Lipstick by NARS, $26  /  Handbag by Zara, $90  /  Heels by Schutz, $135

Rave Onwards

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Ok, you are not a college student on Frat Lane and you admittedly had to Google what Molly was last summer when it was buzzing around the town. But what-the-fuck-ever, you're still cool. Sorta. How to be cooler? Dress like the high-fashion incarnate of a ravegoer. While these chix are known for skimpy clothing, ridiculously fuzzy boots and the ever-so-often pacifier (see this inappropriately-titled Tumblr to help you decipher what the hell I'm talking about), you can bring the rave to your cubicle. Just keep blastin' Steve Aoki from your Frends headphones as you skip through midtown. After salivating over the recent spring shows which were floraly, ginghamy, stripy and fringy (read all about it at the good ole' Refinery), I found my favorite trend which was no trend whatsoever was the habberdashery styling and joie de vivre of some of the collections. DKNY was a moshpit of cool shapes and wild colors, Coach was all fuzzy-wuzzy pastel pretty, but then things just climaxed at Burberry Prorsum in London. I clicked-through the show and shed one or two tears. It may have even been three.

When a collection is good, it's gooooood. And while the critics weren't the biggest fans of Burberry this season, I loved its hyper-eccentric take on the classics. Christopher Bailey is a god amongst men and I should bow down but am currently wearing white jeans so therefore I won't. Anywhoo, his Burberry collection was all punch and pizazz with no holds barred. At times, I felt like my Iced Latte with Almond Milk that I had been guzzling was laced with LSD. Yup, that good.

Pailette sequin skirts? Check. Denim jackets that looked like mutated chickens? Double-check. Trench coats that looked like they had been painted by someone actually on LSD? YUP! Anywhoo, I was inspired by the rave-y and colorful world he had spun this season. It was a happy collection and cheerfulness is something we could all use in our daily grind! This look was inspired by that carte-blanche approach to dressing: the color, the spark, the quirk, the use of denim as a neutral when getting wild. Shop it here:

Jacket by GAP, $22  / Skirt by Cynthia Rowley, $275  / Clutch by Need Supply Co., $51  /  Lipstick by MAC x Proenza Schouler, $22 /  Shoes by Sophia Webster, $695